[File OperateBITMAPdisplaythq.rar

<> upload at 2017/6/24 13:17:18
Describe: In the animation program status bar display BITMAP ICONS, increase the degree of the wonderful program interface,
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:11KB | Downloads: 0

[Embeded-SCM DevelopGY-50三轴陀螺仪发送资料V1.zip.zip

<> upload at 2017/6/24 13:08:59
Describe: Introduce three axis gyroscope related function and information, connotation picture introduction, Chinese and English explanation
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:7175KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemsshsmmjr__source.rar

<> upload at 2017/6/24 13:07:31
Describe: Password stammer source code, used to record the keyboard information, sent to the designated mailbox, pretty good
Develop tools: C++ | File size:24KB | Downloads: 0

[Other windows programsexecuiiye.rar

<> upload at 2017/6/24 13:03:39
Describe: In the power system, customers often put forward to realize monitoring the main wiring diagram of the trend of power system
Develop tools: C++ | File size:56KB | Downloads: 0


<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:56:34
Describe: Using Python to write web crawlers
Develop tools: Python | File size:9602KB | Downloads: 0


<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:56:34
Describe: Container rescue, this is an interesting program, hope everyone to study together,
Develop tools: C++ | File size:1KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemsimage 4.zip

<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:55:54
Describe: it is very good for edge detection
Develop tools: Others | File size:6KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemsimage 3.zip

<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:54:11
Describe: it is very good for feature extraction
Develop tools: Others | File size:5KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemsimage2.zip

<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:51:57
Describe: it is very good for image enhancement
Develop tools: Others | File size:1KB | Downloads: 0


<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:51:16
Describe: Playing lianliankan, due to time limit too tight, always had a bad, then takes half a day
Develop tools: Visual C++ | File size:70KB | Downloads: 0

[Video Capturenvs_center.zip

<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:51:14
Describe: NVSCenter software for various cheap Chinese IP cameras that use XDNVS/XDView. Also includes the SearchNVS tool to find these cameras on your network (even if not in the right subnet).
Develop tools: WINDOWS | File size:26560KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemsavi.zip

<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:50:20
Describe: it is best describe for avi
Develop tools: matlab | File size:1KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemsGPRS接入.rar

<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:49:27
Describe: real happy time to study at university
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:926KB | Downloads: 0


<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:43:32
Describe: bookshop system so you can look look
Develop tools: Java | File size:6918KB | Downloads: 0

[Other windows programshmsusp.rar

<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:43:11
Describe: The client and the server for data transmission with experiment report and program design
Develop tools: C++ | File size:19KB | Downloads: 0


<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:41:18
Describe: it is a rom with vhdl
Develop tools: VHDL | File size:3794KB | Downloads: 0

[Windows Kernel8532409.rar

<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:34:29
Describe: In the status bar displays the time to Show the time in the status bar
Develop tools: C++ | File size:59KB | Downloads: 0

[VHDL-FPGA-Verilogfilter - Copy (2).rar

<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:33:53
Describe: this is a filter with ise 14.6
Develop tools: VHDL | File size:6849KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systems1 le1.zip

<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:31:56
Describe: it is best describe for image processing
Develop tools: PDF | File size:2096KB | Downloads: 0

[Other windows programsRGB颜色选择器.zip

<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:30:49
Describe: RGB color picker, you can choose colors freely, or you can suck the color value of the screen with a straw, which is easy for programmers to develop
Develop tools: WINDOWS | File size:166KB | Downloads: 0

[Windows Kernelextrsctsome.rar

<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:30:28
Describe: The tested data collection procedures, you can extract some data from one or more files
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:154KB | Downloads: 0


<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:23:10
Describe: Without compressed AVI file bytes embedded in the text information, good
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:19KB | Downloads: 0


<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:22:28
Describe: Gesture recognition based on MATLAB development, there are test code and pictures and one can run the.Fig file, can be directly run. And at the same time sharing matlab source code, the effect is very good, you can learn and reference. Compared to the development of C++ is simple and easy to understand, can understand the principle and method of gesture recognition through the code, gesture recognition can learn the matlab version, and then try to write C++ and opencv version.
Develop tools: WINDOWS | File size:73KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemsgd2805_6056_rtsp.zip

<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:21:33
Describe: Firmware update (.uke file) for the Goscam GD2805 IP camera (and similar units). Version, adds RTSP support.
Develop tools: Others | File size:602KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemsooiipvm.rar

<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:19:07
Describe: The actual programming, sometimes need to access and modify the registry information, function to access the instance
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:24KB | Downloads: 0


<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:17:36
Describe: SNMP MIB files (including dependencies) for Tripp-Lite SmartPro UPS systems.
Develop tools: MultiPlatform | File size:64KB | Downloads: 0

[Other windows programsISLBNBD.rar

<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:07:25
Describe: ToolTips that context help real phenomena, learn a good helper
Develop tools: C++ | File size:57KB | Downloads: 0


<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:06:53
Describe: In this example, demonstrates how to use VC to store the OLE object, to compile links run,,,
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:50KB | Downloads: 0

[Java Develop基于Android的家庭财务管理系统代码.rar

<> upload at 2017/6/24 12:01:00
Describe: 1. user login 2. expenditure management 3. revenue management 4. financial statistics 5. data management 6. system settings
Develop tools: Java | File size:3654KB | Downloads: 0

[Special Effectsbmpstudy.zip

<> upload at 2017/6/24 11:57:30
Describe: The BMP test code works on histogram equalization, with malab validation and python scripting AIDS
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:621KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systems69503689.rar

<> upload at 2017/6/24 11:55:03
Describe: Realize the chat function, vc6, 0 chat program, is very simple
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:86KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemsDoG.rar

<> upload at 2017/6/24 11:53:34
Describe: Edge detection operator in a very good performance method, compared to the popular canny and other operators, the effect is obvious, we can see, hoping to help
Develop tools: LINUX | File size:1883KB | Downloads: 0

[File OperateSjrvyce-dksplays-Service.rar

<> upload at 2017/6/24 11:53:22
Describe: In the Service the Service program displays the dialog
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:42KB | Downloads: 0


<> upload at 2017/6/24 11:51:41
Describe: Genetic neural network optimization
Develop tools: Visual C++ | File size:52KB | Downloads: 0

[software engineeringNotepad++.rar

<> upload at 2017/6/24 11:51:33
Describe: the install package of Notepad++
Develop tools: PHP | File size:3134KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemsOptical-Flow-master.zip

<> upload at 2017/6/24 11:48:40
Describe: Several methods of calculating optical flow field are compared, and the advantages and disadvantages of dense light flow field and sparse optical flow field are compared
Develop tools: LINUX | File size:699KB | Downloads: 0

[Embeded-SCM Develop自行车测速仿真.zip

<> upload at 2017/6/24 11:47:56
Describe: Speed simulation of bicycle is simulated by Proteus simulation software
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:52KB | Downloads: 0


<> upload at 2017/6/24 11:47:06
Describe: introduction of the fpga developed by INTEL
Develop tools: VHDL | File size:9617KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemssimple-mkl-python-master.zip

<> upload at 2017/6/24 11:46:34
Describe: The classification method of multiple feature fusion mainly realizes the classification and induction of multi kernel functions, thus comparing the feature description of single kernel function
Develop tools: LINUX | File size:32KB | Downloads: 0

[Embeded-SCM Develop直流电机测速+中文液晶显示.zip

<> upload at 2017/6/24 11:46:15
Describe: DC motor speed + Chinese LCD display, using proteus simulation
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:102KB | Downloads: 0
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