<xlyu1992> upload at 2017/1/23 12:04:13
Describe: Exhibition micro official website, the official website of the exhibition mobile station ASP+ACCESS This program is developed by the window of the technical staff, fully open source, applied to the official website of the exhibition site mobile phone, upload to support the ASP space can be accessed directly, the integrity of the background management.
Develop tools: Java | File size:1519KB | Downloads: 0


<545263673> upload at 2017/1/23 12:00:17
Describe: Traffic Simulation Based on Cellular automata can simulate a multi-lane traffic flow
Develop tools: matlab | File size:3185KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemsrsa.zip

<cti_caoxiaolei> upload at 2017/1/23 11:57:36
Describe: a c program to implement the RSA decryption/encryption function.
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:3KB | Downloads: 0

[Software TestingScaling.zip

<arunprasad11> upload at 2017/1/23 11:40:38
Describe: plc program for scaling of analog value in s7200
Develop tools: Others | File size:3KB | Downloads: 0


<cse_zhanghui> upload at 2017/1/23 11:29:20
Describe: TheSTM32F407 have a MPU6050 sensor. I use the STM32F407 to drive the MPU6050, and read its raw data, and use its own DMP to achieve attitude calculation, combined with anonymous four-axis host computer software and displayed LCD .
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:5057KB | Downloads: 0

[Com PortSIM800C.rar

<06682010> upload at 2017/1/23 11:27:01
Describe: SIM800C upgrade tool
Develop tools: Visual C++ | File size:4673KB | Downloads: 0


<eqyu0> upload at 2017/1/23 11:25:48
Describe: ALgoritmo en c de reconocimiento de vocales
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:1KB | Downloads: 0


<eqyu0> upload at 2017/1/23 11:21:08
Describe: algoritmo matlbap de lagrange
Develop tools: matlab | File size:1KB | Downloads: 0


<ourworld110> upload at 2017/1/23 11:17:09
Describe: This simulation file is about implementation of fuzzy PID controller.
Develop tools: matlab | File size:20KB | Downloads: 0


<cse_zhanghui> upload at 2017/1/23 11:15:50
Describe: STM32F407 is used ordinary IO port as simulation IIC timing, and achieved communicationand between 24C02 and STM32F407 each other.
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:3695KB | Downloads: 0


<cse_zhanghui> upload at 2017/1/23 11:07:57
Describe: Using STM32F4 the DMA to achieve serial data transfer, and TFTLCD module displays the current transfer progress.
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:3620KB | Downloads: 0


<cse_zhanghui> upload at 2017/1/23 11:05:13
Describe: Use the STM32F4 s TIM3 to generate the PWM output and use PWM1 channel 1 to generate a PWM to control the brightness of the DS0.
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:3095KB | Downloads: 0


<cse_zhanghui> upload at 2017/1/23 10:52:40
Describe: Flight control code for Niming.Based on STM32F103 as the main chip, the flight control of four- rotor model attitude is realized.
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:6992KB | Downloads: 0


<511500142> upload at 2017/1/23 10:45:35
Describe: International equipment manufacturing factory station source, ASP+ACCESS! Background function is relatively simple, you can manage the news, products, etc.! Suitable for general purpose enterprise use! Website background: http:// your domain name /Management/index.asp Username and password: admin
Develop tools: Java | File size:1990KB | Downloads: 0


<1183716119> upload at 2017/1/23 10:43:25
Describe: Based on the PSO toolbox function optimization algorithm, I think very useful
Develop tools: matlab | File size:38KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemsCH376_TEST.rar

<shine071201> upload at 2017/1/23 10:37:53
Describe: USing FPGA to contral CH376 achieving read or write files into a U disk.
Develop tools: VHDL | File size:4KB | Downloads: 0


<2944001930> upload at 2017/1/23 10:28:27
Describe: Window transparent icons suspension effect applicable tkinter implemented
Develop tools: Python | File size:1KB | Downloads: 0


<mxn1680> upload at 2017/1/23 10:24:46
Describe: Effects of Pore Structure to Conventional Well Log Evaluation in Low Permeability Sandstones
Develop tools: PDF | File size:373KB | Downloads: 0


<mxn1680> upload at 2017/1/23 10:21:44
Describe: Geological factors influencing reservoir performance of the Hartzog Draw field, Wyoming
Develop tools: PDF | File size:707KB | Downloads: 0


<mxn1680> upload at 2017/1/23 10:18:15
Describe: Prediction of Specific Productivity Index for Sihapas Formation in Uncored Wells of Minas Field Using Limited Available Core and Log Data
Develop tools: PDF | File size:451KB | Downloads: 0


<1263306403> upload at 2017/1/23 10:16:11
Describe: Andrews end drawing app, to achieve the revocation, change colors, save pictures and other functions.
Develop tools: Java | File size:77KB | Downloads: 0


<liyp> upload at 2017/1/23 10:15:30
Describe: Piezoelectric ceramic material electrical performance parameters Intelligent calculation system gives the five commonly used piezoelectric oscillator vibration mode, sample size and the corresponding performance parameters, including the radial vibration of thin disc vibration mode, the length of the lateral length A stretching vibration mode, a longitudinal stretching vibration mode of the rod, a thickness extensional vibration mode of the plate, and a shear vibration mode.
Develop tools: Visual C++ | File size:2629KB | Downloads: 0


<mxn1680> upload at 2017/1/23 10:11:36
Describe: Lectures on wavelet packet algorithms
Develop tools: PDF | File size:633KB | Downloads: 0

[Project DesignCFcixingzimiao.rar

<960251071> upload at 2017/1/23 10:10:26
Describe: 自动瞄准 磁性自瞄源码自动瞄准 磁性自瞄源码自动瞄准 磁性自瞄源码自动瞄准 磁性自瞄源码
Develop tools: Visual C++ | File size:4701KB | Downloads: 0


<mxn1680> upload at 2017/1/23 10:08:13
Describe: A Theory for Multiresolution Signal Decomposition The Wavelet Representation
Develop tools: PDF | File size:1673KB | Downloads: 0


<rbs_jijian> upload at 2017/1/23 10:06:34
Describe: ASP decorative design company website source code for all kinds of decorative design and similar company website development system. Using ASP+Access programming, background management. Include company introduction, company, product knowledge, service, products display, company supply, product display, resource download, online order, customer management, self learning, online messages, forums and other related columns. Website background: http:// your domain name /admin Username and password: admin
Develop tools: Java | File size:4082KB | Downloads: 0


<mxn1680> upload at 2017/1/23 10:01:19
Describe: Multi-frequency channel decompositions of images and wavelet models
Develop tools: PDF | File size:1613KB | Downloads: 0


<zengqm> upload at 2017/1/23 9:59:51
Describe: To achieve socket concurrently, while the printer docking, simple and convenient configuration
Develop tools: Visual Basic.NET | File size:3554KB | Downloads: 0


<906511611> upload at 2017/1/23 9:58:07
Describe: 1, total station DIV+CSS layout 2, the front page shows the rich content includes: picture news, industry news, news, rolling classes of information, School of information, school work information, course information, etc. 3, the site of the black atmosphere, suitable for games, mechanical enterprise website 4, course information to support the three classification, custom background 5, the background information batch repair deleted 6, the total station SEO custom features Background management address: domain name /yousiteadmin/login.asp initial user name: admin initial password: 123
Develop tools: Java | File size:6897KB | Downloads: 0


<906511611> upload at 2017/1/23 9:57:08
Describe: Using Asp+Access development, the entire site using Div+Css layout, IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Chrome under test If it is placed in the root directory, do not have any changes to the normal operation if placed in the virtual directory, open the inc/config.asp modify SitePath \ \ directory name / Make sure your space supports FSO and AspJpeg components, or some features may not be available Default background management path admin/admin_login.asp Username and password are admin
Develop tools: Java | File size:6889KB | Downloads: 0


<zaiju9669> upload at 2017/1/23 9:37:04
Describe: Prediction Error Method for Parameter Identification- the idea of relaxation, For lack of EMD, Based on wavelet transform digital watermarking algorithm matlab code.
Develop tools: matlab | File size:7KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemssaihie_v42.zip

<zaiju9669> upload at 2017/1/23 9:36:26
Describe: Acquisition and Processing of the speech signal, digital signal processing class-based, Sampling a priori probability, calculate the weight, Including orbital maneuvering simulation, initial orbit calculation.
Develop tools: matlab | File size:8KB | Downloads: 0

[Embeded Linuxtime.h.rar

<dulme> upload at 2017/1/23 9:03:16
Describe: arduino time.h lib
Develop tools: C-C++ | File size:6KB | Downloads: 0


<fr61125> upload at 2017/1/23 8:44:50
Describe: The correct installation program, including installation methods and procedures are written in a word file.
Develop tools: Java | File size:85287KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemscalculator.zip

<2271921655> upload at 2017/1/23 8:36:40
Describe: Based on matlab calculator applet development, pro-test available, the program easy to understand
Develop tools: matlab | File size:3KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemsFruit-Game.rar

<425138764> upload at 2017/1/23 8:16:40
Describe: VB to do a small game, big summer semester of school work, called fruit feast, with the principle of small game like Tetris, just one block into some fruit
Develop tools: Visual Basic | File size:3827KB | Downloads: 0

[Data structslinkstorage.rar

<3083606142> upload at 2017/1/23 7:39:10
Describe: use pointer as a method to programming linked storage
Develop tools: Visual C++ | File size:1697KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemsUnity_EMG_Sensors-master.zip

<otman2333> upload at 2017/1/23 6:31:31
Describe: this an recherch about emg signale classification and its us on facial emg signal
Develop tools: Others | File size:6KB | Downloads: 0

[Other systemsmatlab_speech_features-master.zip

<otman2333> upload at 2017/1/23 6:29:57
Describe: this a speech recognition system with matlab its active and useful for your work
Develop tools: matlab | File size:31KB | Downloads: 0

[Shop supermarket software systemSalesSystem.zip

<otman2333> upload at 2017/1/23 6:21:33
Describe: this is a complete source code of a sale system incentory of a market or chop
Develop tools: Visual Basic | File size:1469KB | Downloads: 0
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