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1. tempControllsys.rar

<lily5112.com_68> uploading at 2017-05-15 23:31:39
Describe: temp controll system.rar includes central controller and client .these two parts work together.
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 25KB | Downloads:0

2. ring-spectrum.rar

<1114514179> uploading at 2017-05-15 15:23:40
Describe: The effect of the micro-nano fiber radius on the phase, which is absolutely effective, and guaranteed to run out
Plat: matlab | Size: 2KB | Downloads:0

3. dlc-test.rar

<zcsbj> uploading at 2017-05-12 14:42:02
Describe: Dlc300/dlc120 camera access test procedures. Using vb prepared, there is a need to see.
Plat: Visual Basic | Size: 612KB | Downloads:0

4. System-Identification.rar

<303911382> uploading at 2017-05-11 20:10:12
Describe: Identify the lift coefficient and the drag coefficient, and use the recursive least squares method and the forgetting factor method least squares method to identify the system
Plat: matlab | Size: 156KB | Downloads:0

5. LanBoTe.rar

<303911382> uploading at 2017-05-11 20:07:31
Describe: Use the Lambote equation method to solve the intersection of two spacecraft in one day. Finally, the optimal value of the impulse is solved.
Plat: matlab | Size: 2KB | Downloads:0

6. C-W.rar

<303911382> uploading at 2017-05-11 20:05:29
Describe: Using the CW equation, use the minimum energy, the use of pulse thrust, to achieve in a day two spacecraft rendezvous and docking. Is essentially an intersection orbit optimization problem, by the given conditions to optimize the selection of design variables, so that the objective function to get the optimal value.
Plat: matlab | Size: 3KB | Downloads:0

7. moon_pos_vel_J2000.rar

<303911382> uploading at 2017-05-11 19:59:23
Describe: Through the coordinates of the conversion method to estimate the moon at a time in the J2000 coordinate system under the location and speed. (Understanding of aerospace coordinate transformation, time system learning case)
Plat: matlab | Size: 21KB | Downloads:0

8. Algoritma-DEA-(Differential-Evolution-Algorithm).

<ilyesbenmessahel> uploading at 2017-05-11 12:22:54
Describe: Algoritma DEA (Differential Evolution Algorithm) Algoritma DEA (Differential Evolution Algorithm)
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 3KB | Downloads:0


<obvioquesi> uploading at 2017-05-11 07:40:03
Describe: Wordpress 4.7, english version
Plat: PHP | Size: 8505KB | Downloads:0

10. chuankousaomiao.rar

<yaomingmingvip> uploading at 2017-05-11 01:19:13
Describe: MCGS u4E0E u4E32 u53E3 u626B u63CF u67AA u8FDE u63A5, u6D4B u8BD5 u6709 u6548 uFF0C u6D4B u8BD5 u6709 u6548 uFF0C u6D4B u8BD5 u6709 u6548
Plat: Others | Size: 1394KB | Downloads:0


<xjzzyan> uploading at 2017-05-10 22:50:26
Describe: River backwater curve calculation
Plat: Visual Basic | Size: 2283KB | Downloads:0


<496813390> uploading at 2017-05-07 17:59:03
Describe: The C-H equation in phase field simulation is solved by the iterative method of difference equation
Plat: MathCAD | Size: 1KB | Downloads:0


<sararagab2> uploading at 2017-05-04 01:32:19
Plat: Python | Size: 1KB | Downloads:0

14. KDGL2.3.rar

<3keke> uploading at 2017-05-03 18:53:36
Describe: U5FEB u9012 u4E2A u4EBA u5EF3 u7F3 u7E3 U8DDF u8E2A u7BA1 u7406
Plat: EasyLanguage易语言 | Size: 453KB | Downloads:0

15. Grinding-airflow-simulation.rar

<pangjz2> uploading at 2017-05-03 10:00:57
Describe: Grinding airflow simulation program, using FLUENT to open, to achieve a smooth grinding of the air flow analysis
Plat: TEXT | Size: 2185KB | Downloads:0


<1210767599> uploading at 2017-05-02 15:32:52
Describe: U57FA u4E8 u8R1 u8R1 u8121 u8121 u8221 u7229 u8E0 U4EE3 u4EF7 u4F30 u8BA1 uFF0C u89C4 u5212 u51FA u6700 u4F18 u8DEF u5F84
Plat: matlab | Size: 50KB | Downloads:0

17. IndirectAdjustment.rar

<1625725101> uploading at 2017-05-01 14:19:29
Describe: Indirect Adjustment
Plat: C++ | Size: 354KB | Downloads:0


<984647552> uploading at 2017-05-01 11:49:56
Describe: For the type of 89C52 microcontroller, provides an ultrasonic testing procedures, including the original ultrasonic for their own match, you can test whether it is available.
Plat: C51 | Size: 29KB | Downloads:0


<984647552> uploading at 2017-05-01 11:46:08
Describe: For the power system Newton method of power flow, which can achieve a dynamic increase in data, etc., belong to the non-standard structure of the pro test available code.
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 5KB | Downloads:0

20. DShowNET.rar

<seros.consultoria> uploading at 2017-04-29 02:25:49
Describe: DShowNet - for VS2008 - C#
Plat: C# | Size: 27KB | Downloads:0

21. Sheet1.rar

<18611131617> uploading at 2017-04-27 15:46:45
Describe: WINCC export EXCEL, VB script generated, for your reference.
Plat: Visual Basic | Size: 1KB | Downloads:0


<shobha.swl> uploading at 2017-04-27 14:08:50
Describe: Classification of Lung Cancer dataset in R programming tool
Plat: R language | Size: 30KB | Downloads:0

23. Indian-Liver-Patient-Dataset_Classification_new.z

<shobha.swl> uploading at 2017-04-27 14:06:57
Describe: Classification of liver patient dataset in R programming tool
Plat: R language | Size: 25KB | Downloads:0


<18351936507> uploading at 2017-04-27 09:37:37
Describe: 13 tide harmonic constant calculation and tidal coefficient calculation, suitable for marine, hydrology and meteorology
Plat: Fortran | Size: 160KB | Downloads:1

25. space-resection.rar

<2997212669> uploading at 2017-04-24 19:17:34
Describe: Photogrammetry space resection example
Plat: Windows_Unix | Size: 210KB | Downloads:0


<gdq901222> uploading at 2017-04-22 22:26:34
Describe: 1vs1 SVM to classfy 4 kind of pictures. pictures have been trans into hog feature
Plat: matlab | Size: 35878KB | Downloads:0


<radishxtop> uploading at 2017-04-22 16:16:19
Describe: auto crawl the photo internet
Plat: Python | Size: 1034KB | Downloads:0


<504718403> uploading at 2017-04-21 19:40:45
Describe: Self-tuning control examples based on conventional control strategies, including pole configuration self-tuning, self-tuning PID, etc.
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 7KB | Downloads:0


<504718403> uploading at 2017-04-21 19:38:21
Describe: Examples of self-tuning control learning algorithms, including Diopahantine equation solving, minimum variance self-tuning control, etc.
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 18KB | Downloads:0


<sananaveedbutt> uploading at 2017-04-21 16:52:35
Describe: This code is based around the Neural Network implementation to recognize the XOR values and Digits 0 to 9.
Plat: Python | Size: 5KB | Downloads:0
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