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 Describe: MIMO-OFDM key technology research and the establishment of a complete simulation platform , the establishment of a complete MIMO-OFDM simulation platform, for the actual hardware platform to provide solutions, given performance evaluation. For the establishment of the integrity of the simulation platform, this article from the MIMO-OFDM signal model, the system in all key technologies: frame synchronization and carrier frequency offset estimation, channel estimation, sampling synchronization and carrier tracking, space-time/frequency codecs.
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 [channel-estimation-mimo-ofdm.rar] - mimo- ofdm channel estimation procedures Matlab
 [performance_of_mimo.rar] - mimo multi-antenna transceiver various performance comparison (BER curve), including MMRC EGC Ala SC mouti V-BLAST. Rayleigh channel to channel, two s
 [] - mimo_ofdm STBC silicon using 2x2 system programs, he will effectively provide four times the diversiy gain (to enhance error rate)

 [dengbinprogram.rar] - ofdm Offset Estimation Algorithm optimization code, sub-article code is 2007 graduate Master of excellent essays, have a very high reference value.
 [Syn_ofdm.rar] - This is the chapter on ofdm synchronization article, Synchronization for mimo OFDM systems.
 [hxt.rar] - data supporting this non- Offset Estimation Algorithm MATLAB
 [ofdmsystemMatlabsimulationsourcecode.Rar] - orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) technology to achieve Matlab simulation source code
 [PN_synchronization_simlulink.rar] - PN sequence based on the synchronous Link Simulation (Simulink m files), Algorithm-admission to accept the sequence with the local demand sliding rela
 [mimo.system.multi.antenna.designs.rar] - mimo multi-antenna design will be the realization of MIMO wireless communications, one of the key technologies, especially the design of multi-antenna
 [] - ofdm-based wireless broadband system simulation It contains mainly two parts, ie link-level simulator and system-level simulator.Link-level simulator