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GCv2p1 Special Effects 2150000 source codes to download -
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  Directory: Special Effects
  Dev tools: C++
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  Update: 2007-10-03
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  Uploader: wangshuang
 Describe: graph cut code. It is ver useful
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 [gc_stereo_vision.rar] - This is a Russian doctoral thesis, Dr. supporting source, realize the graph cut for stereovision matching, which improves the calculation of time-cons
 [SegToolBox.rar] - graphcut source code, this should be a two-line travels, we hope that the support ah.
 [graphcut.tar.gz] -

 [texturize_gimp_plugin_version_1.0.rar] - implement papergraphcut Textures: Image and Video Synthesis Using Graph Cuts algorithm using texture synthesis graphcut
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 [matlab_toolbox_fast_marching.rar] - Level Set (level set), Fast Forward algorithm (fast marching) algorithm m atlab Toolbox, which is very comprehensive.
 [graph_cut.rar] - graph cutshi recently in computer vision research and application of a relatively large number of optimization algorithms, typical for the stereo matc
 [] - graph-cut implementation is used for combinatorial optimization, which is a fast and robust means to achieve stereo matching, image restoration, segme
 [GCmatlab.tar.gz] - graph cut with matlab. It is very powerful