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 Describe: H264 standard graphic detail! ! ! Effort to help you learn faster and H264, classic, hematemesis Recommended
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 [2006122817504561025.rar] - h.264 encoder flowchart, reference code version jm61
 [publib-0_3.tar.gz] - some common C language source code, string handling, memory management and error handling. Use Look at the readme file
 [H [ 1 ] 264AVC video for wireless transmission.ra] - About H.264 in the wireless network the application article, mainly introduced the network continues the H.264 service the overhead construction and

 [H264_file_forma.rar] - very good on the 264 format, my collection, and I hope to do this one of those who help
 [main_PID_ok1.rar] - PID a good procedure, just a little increase can be transplanted to repair other systems which
 [IQ_4C.rar] - H.264 codec, 4* 4 residuals block anti-quantified ARM code compilation.
 [H_264AndMPEG-4VideoCompressionChineseEdition.r] - "And H.264 MPEG-4 Video Compression" of the Chinese version e-books (Note : I upload TranslationOfH264standard development environment is li
 [H.264_200503_latest.rar] - This is the latest standard H264, H264 is the essential learning tool
 [ARMMPEG4Decoder.rar] - ARM-based MPEG4 video decoder design, the decoder described in detail the structure and design method
 [H264_ch.rar] - H264 official Chinese version. pdf is classic, the study of more than 264 essential