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320-240+C51 SCM 220 source codes to download -
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  Directory: SCM
  Dev tools: C-C++
  File size: 105 KB
  Update: 2007-08-04
  Downloads: 152
  Uploader: lzkai
 Describe: A 320* 240 LCD drive the C51, the program not only can be used in single-chip microcomputer 51, but also can be applied to other single-chip, this has been successfully transplanted into MSP430, transplantation need to change only the definition of under-pin
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 [dem0-1.rar] - 320* 240 dot matrix LCD (sed1335) driver, c51 c debugging, io connectivity
 [128T6963LCDcontrollerdriver(C51).Rar] - 128 T6963 LCD controller driver (C51). More powerful, can achieve significant anti-painted picture linear functions
 [1335c51.rar] - SED1335 drive 320x240 graphics LCD driver demo program 320x240 LCD module using block sed1335 driven interface board, the board sed1335 driven interfa

 [MSP430_PS2_1602.rar] - MSP430 Singlechip receive through the PS2 port Chuan data from the standard keyboard, and then displays the characters on the decoding and in 1602 car
 [320240.rar] - 320* 240led very classic display driver, as long as the call can have debugging through
 [SED1335.rar] - SED1335 Driver (LCD320* 240) with GUI
 [midi_MCU.rar] - MIDI file formats 0 Analytical original code, the use of VC 6.0, the implementation of modules for 8051
 [51_LCD_DaQuan.rar] - The compressed packet contains five LCD driver, LCD 1602,12864,19264,240128,320240 five is the most comprehensive collection of 51 LCD driver. Compile
 [320240.rar] - 1335 controlled 320x240 graphics LCD driver
 [E35G23_UCOS2_UcGUI.rar] - luxury plate E35G23 the UCOS2 2.76 UcGUI graphics system, UCOS_II test procedures provided by the ucosii2.71 escalation hgxxx come! TaskLcd removed fr