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 [VC6libraryreferencemanual.Rar] - can be regarded as the Chinese version of the MSDN it
 [vc++6.0Socket.rar] - This is a very popular online introduction vc++ Network programming e-books, which detail the content! Everyone to study hard ah!
 [VisualCplusplusOpenGLDirectX.rar] - Visual C++ OpenGL DirectX Baodian three-dimensional animation, a good e-book.

 [] - introduced a Windows mfc programming book to detailed information on all aspects of design MFC.
 [VC60Chineseversionoflibraryreferencemanual.] - VC60 Chinese version of library reference manual, excellent information. Requests for specific readers read
 [viewdoc.rar] - Based on vc++ 6.0 of the video surveillance program, rigorous testing. Quality
 [Programming-Windows-with-mfc.rar] - Programming Windows using mfc, the book from shallow to deep, detailed presentation of the programming skills, MFC is a good learning books
 [mfc API applied manual] - mfc API applied manual
 [miniCAD.rar] - years ago to study the code, it achieved a very small CAD, VC and beginners will be helpful, especially for graphical programming of interest to a fri
 [VCFrequentlyAskedQuestions(Chinese).Rar] - Controls window by the father to send information to notify the Control show the occurrence of certain events. For example, when users click of the mo