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 Describe: Panda burning incense virus source and supply all those who are interested in reference
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 [com.rar] - com technology, applications and examples, helpful for beginners, Microsoft Component Object Model
 [VideoEXE-VC.rar] - provided on the network broadcast video chat function, loading DLLs to be achieved. VC-PROJECT
 [mumavirus.rar] - for the virus to automatically run a wide range of technologies

 [Traffic_FOR_net.rar] - network traffic monitoring source code, MFC will BTN codes, have high value-GOOD LUCK!
 ["WangNatasspecterofthevirus."Rar] - 1575 virus source code analysis
 [] - SharpWebMail is prepared by the C# ASP.NET customers under the EMail end. It adopted a POP3 server to receive mail through the SMTP server to send mai
 [virusteaching.Rar] - This is a source of the virus was Sodom and reactive approach to the books, although it is not readily available source, but they said very detailed,
 [TIPatterns.rar] - Thinking in Patterns, an excellent book, by the book s JAVA source code examples, more in-depth study and design patterns.
 [compilationvirus.Rar] - on the compilation virus
 [intelligentdeformationprincipleandcontrolthe] - "intelligent virus Principle and deformation control," Harbin Industrial University Ying master's thesis in this area of deformation Vir