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edge_ACO Special Effects 2760000 source codes to download -
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  Directory: Special Effects
  Dev tools: matlab
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  Update: 2017-04-08
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 Describe: By improving the algorithm, the improved ant colony algorithm is used to segment the image
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 [] - S.Watanabe algorithm using the binarization operation by the image thinning operator Deutsch operation
 [ocsvm---VS-svdd.rar] - Support vector machine remote sensing image classification code
 [] - Ant colony algorithm is applied to image segmentation, matlab program

 [aca-color.rar] - Ant colony algorithm using image segmentation, non-my original, learn together
 [] - Particle image segmentation and matching subroutines themselves are prepared, Dual-line interpolation FFT harmonic analysis kaiser windows, Least-squ
 [PSO_ppt.rar] - Ant colony algorithm and a brief description of ant colony algorithm matlab standard procedures and the improved algorithm.
 [] - Using ant colony algorithm and the improved ant colony algorithm to realize the image segmentation.It is available