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  Update: 2007-07-07
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 Describe: good part of the matrix of various operations including inverse, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, svd decomposition, etc.
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 [svd.rar] - Singular value decomposition (sigular value decomposition, svd) is another orthogonal matrix decomposition method SVD decomposition is the most reli
 [libmyssvd.gnu295.a.gz] - libmyssvd, svd development kit. natural language processing, the essential package for LSI, has any questions can visit their official website or cont
 [testsvd.rar] - Given the use of svd for solving equations of the code, the validity of the results in the main function has been verified

 [svd.rar] - Used to construct the arbitrary matrix singular value decomposition algorithm, VC version
 [] - java package for the matrix, eigenvalue decomposition, FFT, etc.
 [syntax_accidence analyzer.rar] - This is a syntax_accidence analyzer made when I study compiling principle.The syntax and accidence analyzer is encapsuled in a class called CFenxi.The
 [csf.rar] - c commonly used algorithm, including matrix eigenvalues and eigenvectors of computing, mathematics and transform more than 20 filtering algorithm to a
 [Ccommonlyusedalgorithms06matrixeigenvaluea] - the code is "commonly used computer numerical algorithms and procedures C version," a book supporting matrix eigenvalue and eigenvectors of
 [vector.rar] - matrix computation, numerical algorithm, vc++, Singular value decomposition, svd
 [svd.rar] - I have written the singular value decomposition process, I hope to share with you what