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D12_Keyboard based on Keil C and the development version of the Smart USB D12 Firmwa Driver
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  Directory: Driver Develop
  Dev tools: C-C++
  File size: 86 KB
  Update: 2007-06-06
  Downloads: 23
  Uploader: rain-rena
 Describe: based on Keil C and the development version of the Smart USB Keyboard D12 Firmware
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 [keyboard_CY7.rar] - CY7C63743 usb keyboard FOSS
 [8202s.rar] - sunplus8202s based on the integrity of the source code for the DVD
 [keyboard-example.rar] - usb4* 4 small keyboard design example code for the firmware program, various descriptors access to a detailed code.

 [6Mforlr3.rar] - personal use HT82M99E development of the small wireless keyboard receiver source, the receiver usb Firmware
 [usbint.rar] - WDM driver for example procedures, the examples given DDK-based usb device driver to prepare a model to achieve the USB interrupt channel data transmi
 [HT82K96E-HTKDemo.rar] - 82K96E/82M99E development of the usb keyboard receiver DEMO program source code, intron chip descriptors and documentation for using the chip so that
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 [] - _NET Most full-featured form controls- C# Xptable a bit like a ListView, and it can be shown to insert images, drop-down box can be adjusted up and do
 [usbKeyboard.rar] - homemade usb keyboard, with the source code, and using the principle of a 4* 4 small keyboard, a 0-9 10 numeric keys, Num Lock key, Caps Lock key, Shi
 [usb.rar] - usb keyboard to develop the source code can be used to develop single-chip 51, etc.