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GuiLibwithMFC GUI Develop 210 source codes to download -
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  Directory: GUI Develop
  Dev tools: Visual C++
  File size: 1108 KB
  Update: 2007-05-12
  Downloads: 2696
  Uploader: 关俊宇
 Describe: famous source interface using MFC, the demo to fulfill the many famous interface, If VC2003, OutLook, Office, PowerPoint, and other interface.
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 [CBuildermethod.Rar] - C Builder visit the USB port
 [Src.rar] - VisualStudio-style user interface, written using VC, is pretty good.
 [similartothefreeemailListCtrlcontrols.Rar] - similar free email ListCtrl control of the integrity of the source code, recommended ah

 [hookEurocargoprocedures.Rar] - vc used to develop an interface procedures used by the hook the principle, very simple but practical
 [tabandSplitter.rar] - rap interface, segmentation and labeling, relax and make other similar Yesterday FlashGe interface. A category to your project can be.
 [qddown_vc1020442426662.rar] - From other websites simulated qq download the code, everyone can try to improve their own programming ability should be helpful
 [changebackcolor.rar] - change the color of the dialog box so that it looks more beautiful, more humane
 [sourceGISinterface.Rar] - an interface similar to the vc development results. Views can be dynamically changing. Show tree controls, Hawkeye, state output column such effects.
 [GraphicsClasses.rar] - GraphicsClasses category, image type, can achieve STRIPS-, pie to enlarge narrow, etc., powerful. Specific view demo.
 [vc6singledocumenttrigeminalsegmentationframe] - vc6 use single-file trigeminal undivided framework that incorporates property pages.