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sscom3.2 for serial debugging tools---- genies, do you need to install the softwar Other systems
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  Directory: Other systems
  Dev tools: C-C++
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  Update: 2007-05-16
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  Uploader: wuqj606
 Describe: for serial debugging tools---- Serial genies, do you need to install the software green
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 [rs232_for_51.rar] - 232 Serial Communication for decoder, use c51 51
 [BCBVictor.rar] - This is a Borland C Builder of Serial control procedures, very good use. Welcome to download.
 [com_sorce.rar] - vc prepared by the serial genie source code, the first contact with the serial communication helpful.

 [serialdebuggingandprogrammingassistantsource] - serial debugging and programming assistant source detailed process
 [60179234620073232124363828021.rar] - including sharpening, smoothing, edge extraction LOG filter of mathematical morphology of corrosion, swelling, skeleton, opening and closing operation
 [zlgfs.rar] - This is meritorious weeks ZLG file system
 [completeserialcommunicationprogramVitaminCs] - a very complete source Kawaguchi communications, I spent a lot of time and energy only to find him.
 [] - 8 characteristics: 1. Automatically enumerate the serial, so to avoid some of the machine serial number or serial number No.
 [Comm(serialdebuggingtools).Rar] - serial debugger source. Serial debugging very good assistants and provide the source for your reference.
 [AIS-Sim_v2.40.01.2006.rar] - AIS simulation, can be connected AIS receiver can also be self-simulation, and displayed in the electronic charts