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JitterMeasurements Project Design 2430000 source codes to download -
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  Update: 2007-05-16
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 Describe: jitter measuring method
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 [] - The code summerize how to calculate the jitter (RMS) with the incoming signals, such as optical communications and clock and date recovery circuit
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 [PCI_Express_Jitter_White_Paper_1_0_May_27_20043.] - PCIe jitter analysis method
 [Discrete_cosine_Transform.rar] - Discrete Cosine Transform VC source code in hopes of Members help
 [addno.rar] - to signal to noise, the signal-to-noise ratio of the control of small procedures, based on Matlab.
 [Jitter.rar] - Jitter introduced the basis of measurement, such as causes, as well as more comprehensive information
 [Jitter_Buffer.rar] - Detailed information of VoIP system s key technology jitter buffer.
 [time-frequency.rar] - modern signal processing Matlab source of modern signal processing Matlab source
 [exam1_sin01.rar] - signal power spectrum closely with the stationary random process simulation program Matlab