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  Update: 2007-05-06
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 Describe: MSK and GMSK the Simulink simulation, eye diagram, power spectrum
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 [modem-gprsv-R57_G_10.06.42I-r2.tar.gz] - on a Gmsk baseband modulation and realization of the MATLAB program, the preparation of their own, experts advise.
 [gmskn1.rar] - against Appendix D-Digital Modulation and Gmsk The Matlab procedures
 [noisemsk.rar] - with Gaussian white noise of msk modulation, continuous phase modulation and error rate analysis and eye diagram analysis

 [project8_2main.rar] - communications simulink QPSK called Application
 [msk_matlab.rar] - msk malab the simulation, which detailed mapping msk the modulation and demodulation of signals Graphics
 [Gmsksimulation.rar] - Gmsk digital modulation Simulation and Analysis of GMSK signal simulation
 [pinpubj01.rar] - msk modulation, GMSK modulation, FMSK three ways modulation spectrum comparison
 [eye_matlab.rar] - a written communication to achieve functional eye diagram of S function. M format, Simulink with the same eye diagram
 [hu2_msk_270k.rar] - msk modulation-- Principle reference frame-- beginner to expert advise Pillar