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Symbian_OS_Fom_ANSI_To_ v1_0_en development of the cell phone operating system, English PDF files, professional
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 Describe: development of the cell phone operating system, English PDF files, professional information and recommend! !
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 [] - explained : Use of the C programming smartphone
 [CallSummary.rar] - This is a football scores on the mobile phone operating system monitoring tools, the S60 platform 1.2 and 2.0 on the test platform
 [Carbide_c++_ODD_v1.rar] - symbian learning materials, mainly for Ondevice debug

 [symbianjiangyi.rar] - precious symbian overhead, internal information, the Internet is not, I hope you like them
 [symbianOS.rar] - : symbian OS Overview (1 on) and Symbian SDK development environment (one on) Symbi an overview of software development (on a) memory management (1) D
 [ls_mmse_lmmse.rar] - OFDM channel estimation simulation (ls algorithm, mmse algorithm, as well as an improved MMSE algorithm lmmse, can be directly in the Matra and run)
 [YFSJF1.2.rar] - By Yuanfeng designed into the flash of burning software, welcomed the use of available 2410/2440
 [mirrlicht.rar] - irrlicht is an open source 3d engine, which will be the open source mirrlicht engine transplanted into a nokia s60, but the project mirrlicht plan is
 [norflash-filesystem.rar] - norflash the file system. For the development of low-end mobile phone reference. Storage documents or SMS or telephone directories.
 [] - This is the design of a simple mobile phone operating system, a detailed working principle and the definition of a detailed workflow, the final draw o