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 [K-means.m.rar] - matlab prepare a Pattern Recognition's important Fuzzy clustering methods K-means algorithm Matlab procedures.
 [Drawing5_61.rar] - pair of thin film growth method magnetron sputtering process simulation, using the Monte Carlo method.
 [matlabHelperINchinese.rar] - matlab help for beginners in Chinese is very useful

 [] - BORLAND C BUILDER Practical Training Guide
 [Recognition.rar] - pattern recognition handouts, which is comprehensive. Suffice than books can be cool feeling
 [GUIXP.rar] - a very simple skin XP support bmp elasticity, in the original code to increase its own amendments
 [svmbyrf.rar] - a briefing SVM C and matlab toolbox article, I see relatively good contribution to all!
 [] - the image processing of matlab source, including contrast enhancement, histogram homogenization, and filtering. If interested welcome to download.
 [Reconstruction2.rar] - ct medical image reconstruction, including the sampling of different angles and dimensions of the image reconstruction, be able to show the image reco
 [Net-point press release.rar] - This is a. NET press release system, function or very powerful, suitable for beginners to learn!