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realtime Dialog_Window 2630000 source codes to download -
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  Directory: Dialog_Window
  Dev tools: Visual C++
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  Update: 2007-03-10
  Downloads: 1317
  Uploader: wangjin
 Describe: beautiful aesthetic and practical, VC dynamic curve shows the source code, only minor improvements can be used for businesses
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 [CXML2ITEMS.rar] - is the source of xml explain procedures and the contents of the documents based on xml data structure constructed example, transplantation can be full
 [] - mapping real-time curve of the source code, VC 6.0 preparation of the environment.
 [googl.rar] - google s source code

 [Diagram_demo.rar] - this program can display computer memory share the real-time graph, the program has a strong scalability.
 [oscilloscope.Rar.rar] - oscilloscope demo, dynamic curve mapping and programming interface functions to achieve.
 [demoplot.rar] - prepared using VC mapping procedures, according to the data of real-time dynamic curves drawn map.
 [] - Class clPlot, vc environment under curve vc in the form of real-time dynamic curves show the data control.
 [CCDprocedures.Rar] - data acquisition, real-time procedure, CCD data collection form to two-dimensional coordinates of dynamic display, the use of VC 6.0.
 [znlubj.rar] - Intelligent Building automatic alarm system is mainly through serial communications to achieve. Computer digital-to-analog converter equipment sent to
 [accelerationanddecelerationcurves.Rar] - in VC prepared with the motor show to accelerate and decelerate time although time speed time curve.