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PrinciplesofMIMO-OFDMwirelesssystems Communication-Mobile 2320000 source codes to download -
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 Describe: Principles of MIMO-OFDM wireless systems and a good book learning MIMOOFDM
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 [ofdm-program.rar] - prepared using OFDM GUI code, preparation of high quality, is a good learning process, there doc explained in detail.
 [MMSE_mimo.rar] - two path fading (qpsk) This is what I wrote on the mimo qpsk Channel mmse method of calculation to get help from the head, I am now a need
 [channel_jxy.rar] - wireless communications engineering simulation used in the channel model, applied to mimo-OFDM simulation.
 [ls_mmse_lmmse.rar] - OFDM channel estimation simulation (ls algorithm, mmse algorithm, as well as an improved MMSE algorithm lmmse, can be directly in the Matra and run)
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