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GetProxy_ByD7 Education Network internal users access to telecommuni s s more slow Server
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  Directory: Proxy Server
  Dev tools: Delphi
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  Update: 2006-11-22
  Downloads: 24
  Uploader: betop
 Describe: Education Network internal users access to telecommunications networks more slowly Some BBS site for the agency search procedures to test These agents, and applied to the IE setup
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 [HTTPproxyDelphisourcecode.Rar] - This is a HTTP proxy source, I found on the Internet, Delphi source code. Rar.
 [sampleproxyserver.rar] - A simple proxy server program
 [IpAgent.rar] - compact use of proxy server software, green Chinese Version. Faster connections to replace Ip faster.

 [achieveHttpproxy.Rar] - C# HTTP proxy server
 [calcLan.rar] - procedures for the use of the Delphi programming language can be used to calculate the entropy
 [myself_proxy_socks5.rar] - According to online information, organize a proxy server software, support for socks5
 [proxyserverknowledge.Rar] - here on agency services is the most useful article. Both can be used as a guide, can be used as documentation for inspection. The hope is to help ever
 [http_socks5.rar] - a written http and togig agent.
 [Socks5.rar] - Windows source code under the proxy server, tested, you can run
 [Delphi-HttpProxy.rar] - This code consists of amendments to come online Http Proxy. Delphi circulating online version of HttpProxy There are many questions, the basic access