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Computer_Network_keys Other systems
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  Directory: Other systems
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  Update: 2006-10-28
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 Describe: computer networks Release 4 (Xie Renchu) OSCAR answer Exercises
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 [jisuanjiwangluo.rar] - This is the computer network can answer the questions after, we want to use the place!
 [computernetworkdesigncurriculumguidebook.Ra] - computer network design guidance courses, a total of four experiments, socket attachment to the experimental programming source code
 [xiaobobianhuan.rar] - wavelet transform Matlab procedures for speech enhancement, he has passed the test-and the results do not follow

 [SQL253474878578.rar] - two classical learning SQL syntax based on the e-books, welcome to download!
 [complex_network.rar] - Complex network-related research for a Ph D thesis, combined with the specific object instance of the complex network, complex network system of the t
 [46jiagongsibishiti.rar] - This is the famous 46 IT companies in the pen questions, SONY, Datang, Putian, Huawei, soft and so on. These students had to complete a written subjec
 [WinCE_eBook.rar] - Windows ce of a very good tutorial, detailing the development process
 [ Multimedia technology base and application rar] - The multimedia technology base with applies
 [cycpn.rar] - OFDM channel estimation in matlab procedures, very good program, you can download, and everyone quickly download ah
 [jisuanjiwangluo11.rar] - Xie Hui, "Computer Network" the after-school answer. Very comprehensive. The answer is very detailed