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  Dev tools: Visual C++
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  Update: 2006-10-15
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 Describe: Visual C common set numerical algorithm has not received the numerical calculation commonly used process Visual C- nearly 200, including : Linear Algebra Agenda Group, interpolation, numerical integration, special, function approximation, random number, sequence, eigenvalue problem, data fitting equation Root and solve nonlinear equations, functions and the extreme optimization Fourier spectrum for other methods, statistical description of data, solution of ordinary differential equations. TPBVP Solution reconciliation partial differential equations.
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 [spline.rar] - this Lagrangian for interpolation
 [VC video frequency transmission rar] - Inside contains the video frequency capture system, the video frequency supervisory system and so on. Some more than 10 systems. VC compilation.
 [scienceandengineeringnumericalalgorithmmatch] - Qinghua University, in 2002 published "Science and engineering numerical algorithm VC++" complementary source, includes the plural, matrix c

 [GridCoordsCal.rar] - a grid elevation interpolation procedure, which is described, in very handy
 [BSplineInterpolatePrj.rar] - B-spline interpolation, scattered data on the B-spline interpolation basically been made. The dynamic link library.
 [zsxjf.rar] - Matlab prepared by the steepest descent algorithm, a numerical calculation authoritative book on the source.
 [Euler_Taylor.rar] - Euler solutions ordinary differential equations, differential equations solution Taylor, catching up with the method three pairs Kok equation
 [60179234620073232124453435259.rar] - VC-based image translation process, in the process, shifting away part filled with white.
 [basedCepstralNoisyvoiceendpointdetection.Ra] - based Cepstral Noisy voice endpoint detection. Rar format vip
 [withNewtonmethodforsolvingsystemsofnonline] - with Newton method for solving systems of nonlinear equations (including papers and source)