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turbo_MAP is now communications Encoding code of the source, is to use MAP algorithm
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  Update: 2006-07-22
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 Describe: is now communications Encoding turbo code of the source, is to use MAP algorithm! ~
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 [] - smart antenna systems Matlab simulation source.
 [WuYuFei.rar] - turbo MATLAB source code, including the processes and routines,
 [matlabdemo.rar] - turbo codes are used in wireless communications in a lot of channel coding.

 [blockturbocodes.rar] - 20 (7,4,3)* (7,4,3), a turbo codes, simulation and Gaussian white noise in the transmission conditions of the process.
 [LBC.rar] - (31,21) BCH encoding and decoding procedures C achieve.
 [LDPC_2004_02.rar] - on LDPC coding and decoding information outstanding graduate thesis
 [turbo_code_wy.rar] - turbo code compiler, using MATLAB.
 [BCJR_turbo.rar] - turbo Codes BCJR algorithm by observing without discrete memory accesses (DMC), M arkov source reception sequence, calculated, given every sign (state
 [turbo-code.rar] - I will not nonsense, it is a complete code of turbo codec procedures, right wants to channel coding simulation of absolute good, damned 20 characters
 [turbo-MAP.rar] - This is a turbo codes in the process of decoding the MAP decoding methods, very good!