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ewaiguai ELanguage 1880000 source codes to download -
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  Update: 2006-07-16
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 Describe: Yi language substantial external source
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 [jiaianhua.rar] - easy language based on the platform developed adventure Island pylon procedures
 [MirTuoJicode.rar] - produced the legendary off-line pylon code, a small amount of code amendments could also be achieved legendary masterpieces of the three and Offline
 [ztAssistant.rar] - zhengtu store source code, there is no automatic search function, they need to be added, directly with the need for tools to support Memory Search

 [xitongsuo.rar] - Easy language system lock lock attached to the source code system used by the effect of Matrix看哦good
 [classicalpieces.Rar] - classic source code in 1000 block of Terry Avenue, the 1000 block of Terry Avenue achieve in the game external function, pattern matching algorithm el
 [zuixin1[1].71.rar] - Plug-in module 1.71 omnipotent sea produced a new version of plug-in module essential for good things, oh
 [gettcp.rar] - Easy language to write the check the current system of TCP connections
 [huanshouyuanma.rar] - Easy language programming of a perfect international plug! I is subject to change.
 [Y2tRrWPM.rar] - The adventure islands are spread within a source plug-ins, are easy to use language.
 [interceptioncentersource.Rar] - is easy with the source language