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  Directory: Other windows programs
  Dev tools: Visual C++
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  Update: 2006-07-11
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 Describe: VC open jpg, bmp jpg file conversion, bmp jpg format conversion
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 [teacherclass.rar] - teachers abstract base class and its derived Chair Professor, Professor responsibility, teaching staff, researchers and other derived class.
 [bmpturntojpg.rar] - one of bmp jpg format into the source code, change the choice of the smaller capacity bmp Photo
 [] - a good use of vc class library can be done, PDF, bmp conversion can also be jpg2000 bmp to the conversion, support for the format, jp2, j2k, jpc, bmp,

 [JPEG2bmp.rar] - Realizing the file s inter-transformation between the bmp and jpeg
 [COMPRESS_bmp.rar] - This is a mixed coding on the basis of the image compression technology, and now can barely be achieved on wavelet image compression achieved. This pr
 [myimgapp.rar] - show jpeg, bmp, gif other types of images, as well as adjust the size
 [JpegTest.rar] - This was carries on to the Jpeg picture arranges the decoding the procedure, in which has contained, between Jpeg and bmp mutual transformation.
 [jpgformat.rar] - used as a JPEG file format, which is the JPEG file format, as detailed in the JPEG standard,
 [cimage.rar] - an image file format conversion, derived from foreign web sites, download code, but to find some things upload
 [] - a powerful images for conversion include*. bmp format*. gif*. jpg*. jpeg*. png*. ico*. tif*. tiff*. tga*. ai*. wbmp*. exe*. dib*. j2k jp2 participants