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  Update: 2006-06-02
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 Describe: complete DCT digital watermarking source code (I graduated design results) include : watermark embedding, Watermark detection, attack experiment to test the robustness, an important parameter calculation. Want to do digital watermarking Wilson help.
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 [tuxiangshuyan.rar] - coefficient based on digital WaterMarking algorithm in Matlab environment to achieve
 [DCT WaterMark sourcecode1.rar] - This is a digital WaterMarking sourcecode based on DCT.Attached with detailed comments and explanation.
 [dmtteq.rar] - multicarrier modulation simulation program EXPLOSIVE

 [multiresolutionWaterMarkMatlabsimpleprocedure] - decompression directly to the Matlab \ work on the directory can see the results, which included a bit plane decomposition, quantification embedded (e
 [] - a group of video WaterMarking Matlab source code in Matlab can be directly run. A strong reference value.
 [digitalWaterMarkingattacksoftwareandsourcec] - digital WaterMarking technology procedures set with a full-featured, a good card
 [Text_ImageWaterMarking.rar] - file encryption and file encryption in the embedded images and extraction, image WaterMarking areas belong. The undergraduate graduation design high r
 [] - MATLAB-based Digital Image WaterMarking learning routines for beginners helpful.
 [shuzishuiyin_c.rar] - audio digital WaterMarking technology to the C language, code entirely for the design reference
 [diwm.rar] - a vc based on digital WaterMarking technology to achieve system, it can based on wavelet transform the content matters