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  Update: 2013-03-03
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 Describe: A samulation model of VSG based on matlab simulink
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 [power_upfc.rar] - failed to translate
 [relax.rar] - an algorithm for estimation of sinusoid parameter
 [cd4ef1.ZIP] - Based on the dq transform three-phase voltage sag generating method

 [Detection-of-short-duration-power-quality-disturba] - The voltage sag is one of most hot topics in dynamic electric energy problems. Masses of new power and electron facilities have been put into use wide
 [] - This program is RS-485 slave communication, consists of three parts: receiving a frame program to send the frame program and execute the command proce
 [junzhi_suifuzhibian.rar] - used in Matlab Simulink function of the average for the simulation
 [] - Simulation Research Based on Matlab/simulink install stability of TCSC on power system transient.
 [DGnetwork.rar] - Micro power grid, the realization of distributed power of micro grid,For micro power grid simulation
 [STATCOM-suppress--voltage.rar] - STATCOM is used to suppress voltage drop of