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code4 SCM 190 source s to download -
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  Directory: SCM
  Dev tools: C-C++
  File size: 45 KB
  Update: 2013-02-05
  Downloads: 41
  Uploader: 张文成
 Describe: 51 MCU-driven 2.6-inch LCD touch screen display experimental electronic album-SD card picture read, can be directly transplanted
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 [under-2G--SD-Electronic-albums.rar] - 2 gb SD card electronic albums and the 51 driver code
 [] - TFT2.4 Characters 2 sample programs, touch-screen solution with DuPont cable connection the following kicks PEN_Q received P37 DOUT received P36 BU
 [] - msp430f149 MCU control, infrared receiver device control 12864 LCD display electronic clock time

 [code3.rar] - 51 MCU-driven application routines, touch screen 2.6-inch LCD touch-screen control DC motor experiments can be directly transplanted
 [code5.rar] - 51 microcontroller testing is complete infrared receiver digital tube display decoding experiments
 [code.rar] - Based on the spectrum analyzer msp430f5438 source
 [TFT-clock.rar] - Microcontroller core with 51 ds1302 clock chip used for the infrared remote control can set the time and alarm TFT color display
 [APF6000.rar] - APF active filter controller program, change code greater commercial value, please do not used for commercial purposes!
 [232-485.rar] - This is a single-chip RS232 to RS485 interface of the program, including simulation file
 [GSM-tc35i-mcu-stc89c58rd+.rar] - Use STC89c58RD+ Series MCU control handset to send and receive text messages of principle, the hardware circuit, PDU data formats and short message se