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ShakeForFood2 The inside with opencv All source ... The example is a reference to a Japan Special Effects
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  Directory: Special Effects
  Dev tools: Objective-C
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  Update: 2013-01-29
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 Describe: The inside with opencv All open source ... The example is a reference to a Japanese programmer to get this demo, try not to wear the eyes or on the side of camera, or you may not recognize that! ! ! Please use a real machine to see the effect ... On how to use: take photo wite camera, camera finished face button to identify to join this effect ... how in their own projects? This project libopencv_core.a, libopencv_imgproc.a, libopencv_objdetect.a dragged into your project. Adding Accelerate. framework 3. add-lstdc++ and-lz to Other Linker Flags 4. settings OpenCV include OpenCV Lib path classmates reaction download file is missing, download attachments imgproc, unpacked added to opencv2 folder classmates questions: How to Get to identify whether successful answer:- (void) opencvFaceDetect: (UIImage*) overlayImage method if (faces-> total < = 0) {//... I rub you failed} else {//... to force your success}
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