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  Directory: ELanguage
  Dev tools: EasyLanguage易语言
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  Update: 2012-10-29
  Downloads: 530
 Describe: Multi-threading, very stable and easy language the multithreaded written, an error does not occur to run hundreds of thousands of times
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 [] - Able to extract any program icon.
 [jx.rar] - Easy language to open up the console
 [11d65as1d65as4f.rar] - Easy language to assist in reference source, are very stable, a total of five or six source, a template

 [wqtktaobao.rar] - End of the World Community account RI do not want to open source also open source helpless ah helpless
 [hid.rar] - Easy to hide the process of chain-wide English language source code API call
 [code.rar] - Easy language to write the background of the analog button, the background program (minimize program) to send key messages.
 [] - Automatically generate easy language support library VC source excision quick and easy to add support library commands only need to enter the performa
 [YY.rar] - The YY agreements source. This version cmd version, port failure source not lapse
 [] - Call YY protocol source code, you can change the name of any agreement title, free download, no charge
 [] - Yi language the Super thread pool, this source to find I m so hard to share today.