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  Directory: SCM
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  Update: 2012-07-29
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  Uploader: 赵宇
 Describe: based on the pretext of the STM32 the touchscreen driver code, spi Interface
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 [] - Tochscreen Driver XPT2046
 [] - STM32 XPT2046 touch hardware SPI processing the read touch screen coordinates
 [touchscreen.rar] - spi_2046 touch driver, Switzerland core program for four-wire resistive screen

 [] - XPT2046 touch controller code, the use of SPI can also read SD card data.
 [] - Stm32 liquid crystal display (LCD) driver, main frequency is punctual atoms
 [] - With STM32+ ILI9325+ XPT2046 control the touch screen! The effect is very good! Use is interrupt inquires the way!
 [touch-screen-source-code.rar] - LPC1114 cortex-m0 touch screen source code
 [] - the stm32 ADS7843/7846/UH7843/7846/XPT2046/TSC2046 touch screen driver
 [TR_BF.rar] - ICCAVR+mega8+XPT2046 四线电阻触摸屏12位精度 在15个单位内偏移
 [TFT(touch).zip] - Based stm32f103vet6 XPT2046 touch screen initialization, containing the touch screen calibration.