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34 ELanguage 2510000 source codes to download -
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  Directory: ELanguage
  Dev tools: EasyLanguage易语言
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  Update: 2012-05-09
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 Describe: Easy language to the big picture, add a scroll bar source, a very good easy language source code, for easy language enthusiasts to learn.
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 [龙图]:Very rabbish
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 [hough-circle.rar] - Read in the image, the image pre-processing, followed by edge detection, binarization on the image to get, and then the hough transform to obtain the
 [gjp.rar] - Personal finance software, with a bar chart, line chart analysis, slightly modified to commercial.
 [117742.rar] - Add scroll bars to the big picture source program , combined with easy language support library application interface and operating system support lib

 [725789.rar] - Simply imitate the visual design source code , combined with easy language application program interface support library and API function calls , you