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walker matlab Human gait. This model, developed by Nikolaus Troje, is a five-t
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 Describe: matlab WALKER Human gait. This model, developed by Nikolaus Troje, is a five-term Fourier series with vector-valued coefficients that are the principal components for data obtained in motion capture experiments involving subjects wearing reflective markers walking on a treadmill. The components, which are also known as "postures" or "eigenwalkers", correspond to the static position, forward motion, sideways sway, and two hopping/bouncing movements that differ in the phase relationship between the upper and lower portions of the body. The postures are also classified by gender. Sliders allow you to vary the amount that each component contributes to the overall motion. A slider setting greater than 1.0 overemphasizes the characteristic. Can you see whether positive values of the gender coefficient correspond to male or female subjects?
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