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  Update: 2006-01-14
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 Describe: adaboost classifier source code, a number of weak classifier combination
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 [] - Matlab algorithms BF
 [] - using a Matlab adaboost_M1 the realization of the main shipped bundled with different types of devices. A boosting algorithm
 [DetectAVI.rar] - OpenCV an example of the adaboost based Face Detection sample program can be read into static state pictures, video, camera input

 [] - face detection in c
 [IrisDetection.rar] - Biometrics, the use of the analysis of the iris identification test
 [longwavpro.rar] - cutting procedures, a large wav file into several small
 [facedetectadaboostCC.rar] - face detection and recognition, Adabeishite based on the principles, procedures based on VC
 [facedetector.rar] - a face detection system, type : image (bmp \ jpg ......). output : facial region
 [adaboost for face detection] - this is a adaboost algorithm write with matlab code,and it is my starting program of researching work on adaboost,it is valuable for application
 [xinyi2.rar] - using a Matlab the realization of the adaboost_M1. major shipped bundled with different types of devices. a boosting algorithm ..