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  Update: 2005-12-23
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 Describe: learning communications are aware, the need for signal processing, programming algorithm is very complicated, there is some adaptive signal processing algorithms, LMS, RLS, the MMSE algorithm, hope you like them.
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 [mmusic_new.rar] - amendment MUSIC algorithm coherent signal source DOA estimation algorithm
 [multiplesignalclassificationmusic.rar] - spectrum estimation of parameters DOA (Dorection of Arrive) method-M USIC (Multi Signal Classification, multiple signal classification) algorithm
 [lmsbyadiantry.rar] - the procedures used Matlab programming tools using lms algorithm channel estimation. Which source is-1 two random codes, channel more Drive (Route 3)

 [DigitalSignalProcessing(MATLAB).rar] - scores for digital signal processing procedures Matlab, ultra-wide! !
 [mmse_mpsk.rar] - This an adaptive receiver for a direct-sequence spread spectrum (DS-SS) system over an AWGN channel. The adaptive receiver block is modified from the
 [mimo_ofdm.rar] - MIMO OFDM Matlab simulation program, there are papers
 [DSP-Matlab_Programs.rar] - digital signal processing (Machinery Industry Press), the source, Chapter 7 IIR filter design and Matlab source, Chapter 8 FIR filter design and Matla
 [Lpcanddtw.rar] - the procedures used Matlab to do voice recognition, including voice detection, filtering, etc.
 [RLS-auto-adapter-fiter.rar] - consider a linear adaptive equalizer block diagram as the principle of "modern digital signal processing" Introduction to the p.275 adaptive
 [receiverMATLABsimulationprogram.Rar] - Title: MMSE Receiver for DS-SS in AWGN Channel Author: Panson Tantikovit Summary: An adaptive receiver for DS-SS systems MATLAB Release: R12.1 Require