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  Update: 2005-11-26
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  Uploader: 李向坤
 Describe: QPSK Matlab/Simulink simulation system modulation and demodulation, the received signal is given eye and BER simulation systems, including carrier recovery, matching filter, timing recovery and other important module to help understand the system QPSK
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 [Oqpsk.rar] - Oqpsk Matlab/Simulink simulation system modulation and demodulation, including matching filter, Carrier Recovery, timing recovery and other important
 [Qam16.rar] - 16Qam the Matlab/Simulink system, matched filtering, carrier recovery, rehabilitation Timing important module, the better modulation and demodulation
 [Rayleigh_Doppler_multiPath.rar] - that the procedure was used Matlab language on the Rayleigh Channel multipath transmission of the description of Doppler effect

 [numericalmethodsandMATLABandapplications.Zi] - numerical methods and MATLAB and applications. Zip
 [4dpsk.rar] - The 4dbpsk system design realization source code, several friends complete it cooperation in one vacation time , the function is extremely good
 [qpsnyqmf.rar] - keying simulation program, module, is a complete program is not to be missed A.
 [CSimulation.rar] - using language of Turbo Codes simulation system. Exe files causing form can be directly run. Simulation results and generate documents, kept in the ho
 [ofdmmatlab5.rar] - MATLAB routines. Including the OFDM modulation and demodulation, the Channel Tunnel, and to compare CDMA
 [PNhave1.rar] - MATLAB source, including random data transmission of data subroutine, eject_seq launch sequence subroutine, BPSK modulation sequence generated subrout
 [simulationofwirelesscommunication.rar] - "Simulation and software radio for mobil e communications "source code version of Matlab, from basic BPSK. qpsk, QAM OFDM to the actual syst