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  Directory: Embeded-SCM Develop
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  Update: 2005-11-10
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 Describe: 51 SCM PID calculation procedures, the time is short, a detailed description can apply to most occasions, PID control,
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 [the applying of pid arithmetic controlled by MCU] - It is a representative program of pid arithmetic.The effect of control is excellent and the precision of control is high via experiment.
 [] - Automatic Temperature Control, equipped with a temperature below a heating temperature, a temperature higher than the cooling fan work.
 [pidcontroller1.rar] - This is the absolute piracy others pid controller source, parameter changes can be applied to different systems

 [servosystemthroughpidexamples.Rar] - This is even prepared a digital servo system pid adjustment procedures in the hope that it may be useful to
 [stoodpidcontrolsimulationsystem.Rar] - industrial pid simulation demo program, a very good study of the code
 [pid123.rar] - simple digital pid control of the VC program. Doc
 [8051-OUT-ii.rar] - understand that the procedure was 51. to acquire a deeper understanding of Embedded System good example! The procedures for us/os ii achieve a success
 [Dalin_Algo.rar] - that the procedure was a pure delay system Dalin control algorithm, Unlike a conventional pid control algorithm for the new law. Its effectiveness is
 [Min_Control_system.rar] - using microprocessor temperature control, streamlined version, with DS1820, the embedded language, pid algorithm
 [main_pid.rar] - thermostat control procedures SCM System C, the temperature of the system for the collection, then pid algorithms to control the output to maintain co