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 Describe: Centre for Settlement of femto base station is the service volume, low performance is a hot way, the way to where weak signals can provide good communication quality, the code to make the same frequency anti-interference design, hope to be useful reader
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 [femto.rar] - A way to improve indoor coverage solution is called FAPs (femtocell access point) or home base stations. These are designed for indoor use of low-powe
 [] - This document decribe the femto cell architecture and layers of femtocell with functions of each layer and functionality.
 [femto.rar] - femtocell vs macrocell.rar

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 [femtoOS_0.92.rar] - femto Os_atmega8_with eg__Proteus
 [110608-LIG-03-LAES-femto-implementation-guide-str] - femto implementation guide strawman D0 3 editor
 [femto.rar] - femtocell vs macrocell.rar
 [handoff-code-matlab.rar] - handoff code of matlab
 [Relay_DL_SiMUlation_ICIC.rar] - LTE-A heterogeneous network relay micro-station interference