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PhoneSuite_6_0_10_Install Mediatek .zip MTK
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  Directory: MTK
  Dev tools: Windows_Unix
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  Update: 2011-02-09
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  Uploader: planet09
 Describe: Mediatek
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 [MTKbible.rar] - mtk book, the development of cottage Baodian machine, if you wish to make reference to the development of mobile phones
 [Services-code-Chinois.rar] - Code for chinese MTK
 [MTK.rar] - mtk£¬this is a good book£¡

 [mtkrcode_reader.rar] - reader code for mobile mtk platform
 [MTK-working-experience.rar] - MTK-5 years of working experience, worthy of study, detailed knowledge of the MTK very practical.
 [MTK_62XX.rar] - Mediatek MTK_62XX.rar
 [src.rar] - It s all about code of NVRAM development on MTK platform.
 [MTK_BIN_PASSWORD.rar] - MTK software BIN password finder, Guangzhou, but easy to platform
 [MTK6225GPIO.rar] - Mtk6225gpio datasheet £¬pdf format for use population
 [MTK_PHB_DOC.rar] - This is some documents on the phone book of MTK platform. Hope useful for someone that need learn about the phone book on MTK platform