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  Directory: SCM
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  Update: 2011-01-24
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  Uploader: luhailong
 Describe: This is a wireless sensor network simulation and design of the software, there is written by a man in Taiwan, including specific examples and action steps
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 [AVR_USB.rar] - AVR USB example project
 [USB-CAN.rar] - Usb 1.1 to 2.0 thecan communications
 [LEACH.rar] - ns2 Simulation of LEACH Protocol and its improvement

 [These_Celine.rar] - ns2 for wireless sensor network
 [] - ns2 based smac code in tcl format, very useful code for wireless sensor network
 [wairagu-richard-cit-masters-report_3.rar] - document protocol leach for wireless sensor network with part of code in ns2
 [ns2code.rar] - ns2 some of the source code, there are a number of transplants that flooding protocol
 [ns2-Adhoc-contrast.rar] - NS under the adhoc routing protocol of a comparative analysis of the simulation scene generation, the application of source code analysis and simulati
 [leach.rar] - Document for implement Leach in ns2 version 2.27
 [] - A tcl file to test the battery model of mannasim extension to ns2. It generate energy consumption due to RX/TX as well as sensing.