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 [Delta_plc.rar] - nothing
 [delatCOM.rar] - article describes the communication in Taiwan converter standard MODBUS communication with the PC (VB).
 [plc-modbus.rar] - This is based on the agreement modbus connection between PC and plc communications part of the code

 [ADUC8x.rar] - aduc program case
 [] - Monocular distance for several visual image positioning research literature, is also relatively new classic
 [hotel.rar] - Using VISUAL C++ MFC development of a hotel management system, through the system, users can learn a development system using MFC moving steps and pro
 [SMDKV210.rar] - Shenzhen Friends of the Kennedy Hengtian Technology Co., Ltd. S5PV210 development board WinCE6.0 the BSP source package, which DOC folder which contai
 [2.rar] - VC++ Serial communication source collection of 20 classic, classic Collection, Must See Serial Development