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eigenface description: a matlab program that implement the classical recogni base Bio- ze
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  Directory: Bio-Recognize
  Dev tools: matlab
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  Update: 2005-07-05
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 Describe: description: a matlab program that implement the classical face recognition base on eigenface
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 [SvmFu-3.1.tar.gz] - Linux environment Face Recognition procedures, the core algorithm is svm network identification.
 [eigenfacefacerecognition.Rar] - Matlab Applications for the program source code. M documents needed for the operation and image files.
 [] - Java introduction and instances

 [2005112923167615.rar] - based on feature for Face detection methods, compiled by MATLAB
 [CheckFace.rar] - According to the face basement, first identified each piece of the human face images, Then, based on the K-L transform image given all the characteris
 [BasicICAcodeinMATLAB(asusedinBellandSej] - Bell and Sejnowski 1996 in the ica algorithm, using Matlab to achieve, but the older version needs to be done in order for the new revised version.
 [IMPROVEDHARRISCorner.rar] - classic Harris corner detection algorithm improved VC code, Gray can be used to extract image feature points for the match, motion estimation, optical
 [Classification.rar] - classifier procedures, Gaussian mixture classifier for the classification of voice processing images
 [MATLAB7_0GuideBook.rar] - MATLAB 7_0 Practical Guide (volumes) (Superstar Books) Superstar readers and the installation procedures. We want to help. Incidentally hope for : GPS
 [ Person face recognition rar] - The person face distinguishes