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  Update: 2004-06-01
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 Describe: Online Update
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 [] - online update tool. The use of multithreading and realized the HTTP functions.
 [DELPHImemorymanager.Rar] - if the code needed to use dynamic memory data types, then these types of data internal routines will visit DELPHI memory manager. These data types, in
 [WPOLICY.ZIP] - previously wrote Da surveillance tools could be developed to prohibit the operation of certain procedures, such as the keyword game. Through the netwo

 [postfix_sendmail_dnslargepool.Rar] - postfix_sendmail_dns large pool. Pdf
 [onlineupdatecode.Rar] - online update source code, the online process to achieve the functional upgrades
 [onlineupdate.rar] - TNMHTTP components used to be a text file with the text string then to the analysis of the format in which the information will be separate versions c
 [compiledwithDELPHIautomaticescalationprocedu] - in the preparation of an application after the maintenance stage, we will face to the application upgrade work. There is no doubt that the escalation
 [] - a SCSI Tape operational equipment to read and write software.
 [DELPHI-ddos.rar] - super detailed version of DELPHI ddos source! Inside of the Notes are quite detailed, we ourselves flash open her cloak!
 [onlineup.rar] - an online upgrade DELPHI Program