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DTC_for_synchronous_machine DTC for s Development Research
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 Describe: DTC for synchronous machines
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 [BEZZAOUCHA.Souad.tar.gz] - commande DTC of motor synchron 1
 [fuzzy.rar] - DTC using dutyratio control by fuzzy logic
 [DTC.rar] - DTC simulink model for motor

 [sensorless_SMO.rar] - Permanent magnet synchronous motor sensorless control (sliding mode observer method)
 [Copy-of-an9.rar] - Fuzzy rule base using GA
 [MS.rar] - Based on Matlab/Simulink for Induction Motor Direct Torque Control System
 [] - This submission includes the presentation and model files that were used in delivering a webinar on 12-15-05 that covered the topic of modeling Hybrid
 [] - Direct Torque Control principle
 [GeneticAlgorithmOptimizedPIandFuzzySlidingModeSpe] - Genetic Algorithm Optimized PI and Fuzzy Sliding Mode Speed Control for DTC Drives
 [A_very_fast_direct_torque_control_for_interior_per] - Based on maltab/simulink development of permanent magnet synchronous motor direct torque control (DTC) of a program, can quickly start motor, better t