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 Describe: IBP matlab source code for super resolution application
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 [] - To restore extremely blurred or degraded image. Images blurred due to many factors like relative motion between camera and a moving car (eg. Image of
 [FramesSelectionInMulti-frameImageSuper-resolutionR] - Selection of reference frame and the considering frames is investigating for multi-frame super-resolution restoration.
 [Elad_super_resolution.rar] - Matlab package on super-reso lution.

 [sr.rar] - a lot of super resolution algorithms can be realized
 [experment3.rar] - Super-resolution image processing to extract images from a number of new synthetic pixel images clearer
 [] - the given code is used for matlab image interpolation techniques
 [super-resolution.rar] - Blurred image of the super-resolution restoration, running make images more clear than the simple interpolation
 [superresolution_v_2.0.rar] - super-resolution
 [POCS.rar] - code about super-resolution based on POCS
 [] - an example based super resolution algorithm