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2010031918005577 Google Earth and ArcGIS synchronous display, see the note inside GIS program
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  Directory: GIS program
  Dev tools: Visual Basic
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  Update: 2010-06-02
  Downloads: 34
  Uploader: musicboy1972
 Describe: Google Earth and ArcGIS synchronous display, see the note inside
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 [ArcGISandAE.rar] - vba development, ArcMAP the custom function button, and the synchronization with the googleearth display, suitable for remote sensing image interpreta
 [ArcGISEnginePrograming.rar] - Detail how to use ArcGIS platform for secondary development, GIS Programming Introduction to the essence of information
 [KMLUTIL.rar] - google earth KML class,which can help GOOGLE EARTH manipulation

 [arcengine.rar] - with ERSI company Arcengine components of the map to achieve the printing function.
 [ArcEngine.rar] - C#+ ArcEngine developed some sample code: create Symbol dialog box to choose how to achieve the MAP space to print how to choose a new region to achie
 [MapPrint.rar] - ArcMAP Print graphics when compared trouble, VB AO graphics printing function
 [ChenJianchunVCGISsource.Rar] - a number of people all over the iron shoes of unemployed GIS source, I affixed it to share
 [googleearthAPIKML.rar] - google earth API KML
 [sourceGISinterface.Rar] - an interface similar to the vc development results. Views can be dynamically changing. Show tree controls, Hawkeye, state output column such effects.
 [Display.rar] - this code show how to communicate with google earth and display situation on google maps