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  ...\.....\[Dalal,INRIA,PhD Thesis, 2006] Finding people in Images and Videos.pdf
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 [HOG.rar] - HOG feature extraction algorithm for object detection, in particular, human detection, against 64* 128 images.
 [HOG.rar] - Histograms of Oriented Gradients for Human Detection, the writer s code has some errors, and I have correct the errors, and the code is right under C+
 [] - HOG-based human detection procedures, the use of powerful VC2005

 [] - HOG algorithm compiled binary file. As well as the results of human detection training.
 [HOGvec.rar] - HOG human detection algorithm to generate a vector vector, that is, the original data.
 [motiondetect.rar] - Change the code from a video detection and tracking moving objects, but also moving objects marked with the rectangular box
 [] - Face Recognition Based on OpenVC can effectively detect face images
 [HOG.rar] - HOG classic algorithms, gradient-based histogram extraction algorithms, used in human testing is very effective!
 [HumanDetection.rar] - using HOG features to detect poeple in the image or the frame of vidoe.
 [HOG(.net).rar] - Detection of real-time systems in human HOG code, you can quickly detect the presence of pedestrians