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SHT75 SHT11/15/71/75 AT89S51/52/53 software engineering
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  Directory: software engineering
  Dev tools: C-C++
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  Update: 2010-04-13
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 Describe: SHT11/15/71/75 AT89S51/52/53
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 [measure_temp.rar] - SHT7x ATmega128 microcontroller right temperature and humidity sensor drivers. Build Environment : ICC AVR
 [Humidity_sht75.rar] - Temperature and humidity sensors sht75 the MCS-51 Microprocessor example.
 [sht75.rar] - Temperature and humidity digital sensor SHT15/75 one example of the application, C51, print out the data directly from the serial port. Then serial as

 [AT89S51jiaocheng.rar] - at89s51, super tutorial cattle will be in line with Proteus simulation experiment,
 [AT89S51.rar] - There are many very practical with a routine single-chip circuit simulation WORD document PROTEUS
 [sht10.rar] - Temperature and Humidity Sensor sht10 get the C program, come sit! Chinese Notes perfect 51 with an official of C procedures modify, I sht10 sample ha
 [SHT11.rar] - SHT11 sensor control code ,using MCu atmega128, ICC AVR.
 [sht75.rar] - Humidity & Temperature Sensor
 [] - Code for SHT 75 Humidity
 [BOCCN-101518B20.rar] - Achieved 18b20 collection of temperature and sht75 on the collection and display temperature and humidity on the collection of temperature and humidit