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STM32 ARM-PowerPC-ColdFire-MIPS 2720000 source codes to download -
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  Directory: ARM-PowerPC-ColdFire-MIPS
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  Update: 2010-03-28
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  Uploader: 深间的
 Describe: ST' s official announcement of the development board schematic+ PCB, PROTEl99 format, can be used directly, and with a pdf
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 [TDA741x.rar] - Audio channel management chip TDA741x series of source code, multi-channel audio for multi-audio system, management and signal optimization, such as c
 [OpenSource_28.rar] - eval board stm32f103 the original schematic+ pcb protel format
 [stm32.rar] - Own production stm32 development board schematics.

 [OpenSource_210.rar] - about stm32-cortex simple evaluation board, with source code and ciruit sch。
 [] - stm32 DFU FULL(V3.0.1) You can upload your program via USB-DeviceFirmwareUpdate mode
 [schematics.rar] - stm32 circuit, there is schematic and PCB, you can go straight to making a little deal.
 [stm32F103RBT6.rar] - stm32 development board design, learning reference stm32 development board design, learning reference stm32 development board design, learning referen
 [IAR_stm32_SK_revB.rar] - the sch of stm32.very good.
 [stm32_ENC28J60.rar] - stm32 web http code attached diagram, use SMT32 who do develop, you can modify the byte brought.
 [stm32.rar] - New Year s ceremony for the delivery of the stm32 fans supporting CD-ROM package, including schematics, routines, ic pdf.