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SHT75 SCM 2470000 source codes to download -
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  Directory: SCM
  Dev tools: C-C++
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  Update: 2010-03-19
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  Uploader: amo
 Describe: Temperature and humidity digital sensor SHT15/75 one example of the application, C51, print out the data directly from the serial port. Then serial assistant or HyperTerminal can be watched
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 [Humidity_sht75.rar] - Temperature and humidity sensors sht75 the MCS-51 Microprocessor example.
 [] - mikroC project and sourcecode for reading temp and humidity from sht75 temperature & humidity sensor
 [wenduxitong.rar] - Can use a single-bus digital temperature sensor DS18B20, temperature and humidity sensors sht10, SHT11, sht15, SHT71 and SHT75 and so on, such sensors

 [SeriesAssist_WINCE.rar] - wince under the string of product assistant, under the serial interface, imitation windows assistant
 [AT89S51jiaocheng.rar] - at89s51, super tutorial cattle will be in line with Proteus simulation experiment,
 [lcd1602.rar] - 1602+ sht75+ temperature and humidity measurement
 [] - sht temperature and humidity controlled, single-chip 1602 liquid crystal display 51. Keil uVision2 writing, there proteus simulation.
 [tempturetest.rar] - 80C51-based temperature measurement system acquisition, use DS18B20 collecting temperature, AT24C02 storage temperature value, you can realize automat